1st Annual Trading Competition

If you have found that 2023 has put obstacles in your way that stopped your trading education and training. This competition is a perfect way to reset yourself and get back in the game.

30 Day Trading Competition

Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best.” “Competition is the best form of motivation.” “Competition is the fuel that ignites innovation.”

However its expressed, competition is good. Research shows that competition can drive attention, physical effort, and learning. The social motivation of competing against one’s peers can challenge a student to work much harder on his or her tasks than he or she would independently feel compelled to do so.

Join us in the month of January as we launch our first trading competition. The event will be on the Tradingview platform and entirely in simulation. The person with the most money from actively trading in the month of January will get the grand price of $500.

Competition Rules

Tradingview – Create a second account and label it: CheetahCompetition. It has to be one word since spaces are not allowed.

Add 5% commission to your simulated trades. This will balance out those that choose to overtrade.

30 Days: January 16, 12:01 am – February 16, 11:59 pm

You are allowed to trade:

  • DJIA Index Future
  • All DJIA Equivalents
  • Nasdaq Index Future
  • All Nasdaq Equivalents
  • S&P500 Index Future
  • All S&P500 Equivalents
  • Dollar Index 
  • All Dollar Index Equivalents
  • All Currency Indices 
  • All Currency Index Equivalents
  • Individual Corporate Shares

You are responsible for looking up the market to make sure it is within the parameters of these markets. If after doing your research and you still are not sure, then don’t trade it.

Every student will have me as a coach. Return to your private WhatsApp room and ask me any question about analysis or strategies.

This competition is for Cheetah Trading students and nonstudents. </p<

By entering this competition you are agreeing to give me access to your Tradingview simulation account to review all trades on your competition account. I will check the time limit, trading markets, and commissions. Anyone caught cheating by not following these rules will be disqualified from the prize if they win. All disqualified contestants forfeit their registration fees.

Only after registering 10 contestants will the $500 grand prize be activated. There will be a second and third place price depending on how many contestants over 10 participate. Along with the cash price, I will also be offering courses, webinars, and coaching sessions as additional prizes.

All cash prices are subject to taxation. So I will offer a second option of having an Amazon gift card, which is not taxable.

Trading Competition Registration

Send $50 using one of the payment options below. Then notify me on WhatsApp that which payment option you used. I will hold the money in escrow for the duration of the competition. The money will never be used for anything else. If the competition is called for any reason, all money will be refunded to the contestants. 


I will allow contestants to pay with Paypal but there will be an additional processing fee of $5. Contact me on WhatsApp if you choose this payment option. I will send you an invoice for $55.