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Enjoy the plethora of books I have accumulated in my education of the stock market, economy, and psychology. So as not to violate copyright laws, all books in our library will remain free as long as you have a subscription to the Cheetah website or Whatsapp communities.


Trading and learning go hand in hand. As we all know, learning is a never-ending process that takes numerous forms. You may learn from your own mistakes in trading, but you learn from the mistakes of others in reading. These books will teach you about the stock market and its various components.

Book Count
Total Library Value
$ 3000


Increase Your Performance

Increase Knowledge
Information 80%
Increase Vocabulary
Terminology 90%
Increase Comprehension
Application 75%
Increase Skills
Tradecraft 85%
Increase Motivation
Inspiration 95%

Benefits Of Reading Books


Gain knowledge from professional's that can be applied to your own education and development.

Expert Advice

Get advice from professional on how to avoid their mistakes allowing you to progress better and faster.


Increase your venacular will allow you to better understand commentary and advice from professional.

Critical Thinking

Look into the mind of professional traders and learn how they interpret, evaluate, and analyze information.

Market Behavior

Gather valuable information on how and why markets move and react. Every market is different.


Get advice from professional on how to avoid their mistakes allowing you to progress better and faster.


Treat the author of these books as mentors. Learn and adopt their models of trading and thinking.


Expert's experiences and insights provide motivation to achieve the same level of success.

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