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In February 2023 I told my students about what Microsoft was going to do with their OpenAI partnership.
Its market cap has increased by 27.39% in one year. One year later and they became the highest valued company in the world.

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In August 2023 I told my students about what Nvidia and when their new chip was coming out. It's market cap has increased 218% in the last year. 8 months later and they became the second highest valued company in the world.

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In February 2024 after Microsoft took their #1 spot as Market Cap Leader, I told my students that Apple was going to introduce AI this year and when they do it will be an ongoing battle for the Mag7 top spot.
In early June, Apple announced AI on all devices and operating systems. Within 2 days they briefly took back their #1 spot from Microsoft after their WWDC event. Over the next two weeks the #1 Spot changed hands 4 times between Apple, Microsoft, and Nvidia.

industry 5.0

The 5th Industrial Revolution

In March 2024 I declared that we are in a new 5th Industrial Revolution.
On June 2, 2024 at the Computex Tech Conference, Nvidia's CEO, Jensen Huang, announced that we are in a new industrial revolution.



In August 2022 I stated that Tesla was no longer a car company. And because analysts are focused on production revenue they are misevaluating Tesla's valuation.
In April 2024 Elon Musk was quoted as saying: "If you value Tesla as just an auto company — it’s just the wrong framework."



In March 2024 I stated that Tesla was the most undervalued of the Magnificent 7, showing all of their asset value, infrastructure, and supply chain. I also stated that Tesla will rise back over $1 Trillion valuation in the next year.
In March 2023 Tesla had a valuation of $560B. 3 months later, they now sit at a valuation of $620B.
On June 1 Elon Musk returned as the richest man in the world.



On July 1, 2024 I predicted that Tesla would rise back over a $1T valuation in the next year.
Over the entire week, Tesla value has increased over 23% adding $200 Billion to its market value.

New Predictions


Magnificent 7

In February 2024 I mentioned that because of a new technological age all the Magnificent 7 will eventually have a market cap over $3T.
In the last 4 months Apple and Nvidia have crossed over the $3T mark and are fighting over the #1 spot. We are now waiting for the other 4 of the Mag7 to do the same.
This will also make room for other corporations to climb over the $1T mark as we invest and trade those as well.



In March 2024 I stated that Tesla was the most undervalued of the Magnificent 7, showing all of their asset value, infrastructure, and supply chain. I also stated that Tesla will rise back over $1 Trillion valuation in the next year.
Over the last 4 months Tesla has rallied more than 70% from its 2024 lows in April.

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The 5th Industrial Revolution

There is an entirely new set of innovations that has birthed a new technological age, the Quantum Age, also known as Industry 5.0. Knowing that this new period exists isn't enough. However, being able to analyze it will provide essential data on how to predict future asset value, share value, and market value.

EXCLUSIVE: In this Analysis Session we provide a detailed review of 7 technologies that are a part of the 5th Industrial Revolution. These technologies are guaranteed to drive the markets up as it adds value to the supply chain and the corporation's market value.

Student Reviews

Aaron has not only blessed us with his knowledge on trading but as he started sharing research on stocks and changing markets through his advisement sessions. I immediately saw the depth of the research and took advantage in short term and long-term trades. As of today's growth I have long-term trade increase of over $30,000. Aaron's knowledge is proven and worth the investment in him and yourself. Thanks Aaron.

Quintus Jones
Tiktok - @Maestroqj3

I have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made me from a 99 percent trader to 1 percent trader. In the last 3 months since I took your trading class my trading improved in all areas. I have to say I have 155 wins and 2 loses. My loses are a mistake that I did. But my wins are on small time frames trades, making over $7,000 in short term trades and my long term trades are up $2,900. I'm fully invested in your program. I am laughing at how I used to trade. I also wonder why people who are live on TikTok or YouTube are trading with price and charts. Everything you showed me at night time analysis I've been using the same framework in my morning trading.

Tibor Finna
Tiktok - @MrDameDiddy

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