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The Roadmap Trading Routine

This trading course is specifically designed to guide the beginner & novice trader through a simplified process of:


Take several days to prep for every trade and organize your entire trading process by scheduling each step of your analysis and strategies.


Analyze my custom Prime Correlation (Dollar vs Oil) against supply chains to verify data and sentiment for early positions on trades.


Use professional, proven strategies that have been customized to optimize lower risk and losses while also maximizing profits on your trades.


Carry your profits from your trading plan over to a longer investment plan or larger wealth plan to incentivize more consistent and continuous trading.

The trader will consistently use this routine to program their subconscious for a more intuitive and instinctual trading style.
$ 1000
Course Fee

For Beginner & Novice Traders

This webinar is an online course that teaches a trading strategy for novice traders who have little to no experience but want to learn how to trade the stock market professionally and successfully.

AI Powered Market Analysis

Control Your Trade With ChatGPT

We Provide You Step By Step Instructions, Initial Analysis, And CheatSheets On How To Communicate With AI To Get Accurate Data Points and Data Confirmation.

Are You A Professional Trader?

Cheetah Investors focuses on premium coaching for day trading and investing. We offer novice traders the ability to learn the markets and tradecraft. For experienced and seasoned traders we offer the opportunity to elevate their tradecraft to become a professional trader.

Trading, however, is only one component within the larger goal of diversified investing. We work with our clients to allocate their assets and capital towards a more complete investment portfolio. If performed correctly, a diversified portfolio along with a proper asset allocation will allow the trader to be profitable on short-term positions as well as long-term holdings.

Are You A 99% Trader Or A 1% Trader?

0 %


95% of traders lose money in the markets.

0 %


95% of winners give the money back

95 %


1% of traders profit from the stock market.


Traits Of A 99%er

  1. Can’t correlate economics and the markets
  2. Uneducated about why market moves
  3. Doesn’t do proper research or analysis
  4. Doesn’t comprehend market cycles
  5. Treats the markets like a casino
  6. Looks for get rich quick methods
  7. Uses stock tip or blindly follow others
  8. Trades on emotion or ego
  9. Has no money or risk management
  10. Remain undisciplined & lacks patience

Traits Of A 1%er

  1. Can sync economic & market movements
  2. Fully knowledgeable about markets & assets
  3. Always does proper research & analysis
  4. Recognizes economic, trading, & seasonal cycles
  5. Never gambles or scams within the markets
  6. Takes small but steady, incremental profits over time
  7. Doesn’t follow the masses or other traders
  8. Removes emotion & ego from the trade
  9. Uses asset, money, & risk management on every trade
  10. Learns discipline, patience, & balance when trading

Start Your Journey Toward Being A 1% Trader

1% Trader Masterclass 

Once you complete the introductory Webinar you can then sign-up for the 5-part Masterclass Seminar. You will learn everything that institutions and professionals traders use everyday, in every market, all over the global. Those that take the entire Masterclass series will unlock 5 custom trading systems that can be accessed through the subscriptions.
This Masterclass thoroughly goes over every detail needed to trade as a professional. Learn secret and exclusive information not found anywhere else that will elevate you to a top tier trader.

This Masterclass is comprised of 5 Seminars:

  • The Fibonacci Secret
  • The Secret To Market Research
  • The Secret Analysis
  • The Secret To Market Correlations
  • Broker Secrets
  • Secrets of Trading Variations
  1. Asset Management
  2. Money Management
  3. Risk Management
  4. Time Management
  5. Market Management
  6. Trader Management
  7. Personal Management

These are all tools needed to become a 1% trader. The institutions, the hedge funds, and investment advisors all use these managements to maximize profits and minimize risk and so should you.

Every trade culminates at the juncture where price, time, and sentiment meet. Take a deep dive into each of these 3 elements to see how the markets create and respond to the price of the market action, the time of the market trade, and the sentiment of the market trend.

When you can comprehend the various forms of analysis needed to trade the stock market, you’ll be able to join the markets equipped with the knowledge to trade successfully.

There are essential keys needed to be a professional trader. The markets need to be viewed and analyzed in a certain way. The trader needs to develop certain qualities to be effective. And then a distinct process that need to be learned to develop the right tradecraft.

Since we prequalify our students before they can take our Masterclass we require you to contact us then we will ascertain if you are prepared for this next-level education.

The Market Basics

This webinar is geared toward educating the beginner trader. Before you begin your journey to become a professional, you have to increase your education about the markets and your trading craft.

Winning The Markets

Learn how to properly plan your trade, perform effective analysis, and profit from a technical trade. This webinar will equip you with all the information you need to trader the markets successfully.

How To Create A 1% Trader

The 1% Trader is rare. Every trader needs capital, knowledge, experience, and management. Learn the essential need to be the exclusive few who profit from the markets.

We also offering additional webinars for the NINETY-NINE PERCENTERS. If you are not interested in taking the 1% Trader Masterclass you can learn other ways to make money from the markets. You mostly likely won’t have the knowledge needed to keep the money.