The Nth Trader

You are most likely an Nth Trader. Nth is a mathematical variable for a majority but unknown amount. Fittingly, there is a massive amount of undisclosed traders who gamble with the stock market and lose.

The Star Trader

You want to be a Star Trader. This is someone who wants to make consistent money in the stock market. They want a better life and a better future so this strengthens their will to learn and train to produce the results they want.

The 1% Trader

95% of traders lose their money. Of the 5% who profit, 95% will give the money back. So there is an exclusive 5% elevated above the majority. This 1% of the 5% can be you by working hard to become a skilled, consistent winner.

Stock Trader Analysis & Review

This S.T.A.R. Trader Report can make you a “star trader.” The contents of this report is going to give you a detailed analysis of the markets. The analyses used are either custom analytics or secret metrics that institutions and professionals use.


The framework for this report is based on 5 qualities of a cheetah. Through the use of these attributes a trader will develop their tradecraft as well as profit consistently from their trades. The 5 qualites are:


Stealth | Speed | Stability | Survey | Smarts

Trader Success Metrics

Since most traders don't do any form of analysis or don't know how, they end up gambling or follow other traders who also don't understand what they're doing. The goal of every trader should be to rely on their own analysis and strategies without the assistance of anyone else.

The Nth Trader

Most traders are taught that 60% is the hightest any trader should ever expect with winning in the stock market.

Technical Analysis Effectiveness

Most traders are taught a “high risk, high reward” mentality, so they abandon risk strategies in hopes of making the money bigger or faster.

Market Risk

A maximum drawdown is the maximum range between a peak and a trough of a portfolio. Any rate below 25% is considered good.

Maximum Drawdown

The average trader has a 5% Break-even Rate and a 55% Win rate, which leaves a Loss Rate of 45%.

Trader Losing Rate

95% of traders will lose their money. Of the 5% that make money, 95% of them will give the money back.

Net Profits

Star Trader

75% of traders use Technical analysis which is only 60% effective. The Star Trader adopting a better analysis will yield better results.

Fundamental Analysis Effectiveness

With a new form of analysis should come a new mindset. The Star Trader will now combine our custom analysis with our low risk strategies.

Market Risk

By focusing on low risk and breakeven trades the Star Trader will be able to maintain a drawdown rate below 25%.

Maximum Drawdown

The Star Trader will focus more on Break-even trades which will lower their Loss Rate.

Trader Losing Rate

The goal of the Star Trader is to be a part of the 5% that don’t give the money back, elevating them to a 1% Trader.

Net Profits

Fish vs Fisherman

The majority of Market Analyst services give stock tips and recommendations with no explanation of why or how the selection was made. This is the equivalent of giving a man a fish instead of teaching him how to fish. So now the trading client is continuously dependent on the analyst and this makes the analyst and his bank account very happy.

Now imagine you are the analyst. With this trading report the Star Trader will be able to analyze the markets with even better precision. You will incorporate forms of analysis into your trading that the institutions don’t want you to have. You will finally learn how to fish, no longer allowing someone else to control the potential of your profits. 

By never offering specific stock tips or trading recommendations, you never have to worry about the information in our trading reports being a pump and dump or some other form of fraud and manipulation. We only offer an analysis of a specific market, asset class, or trading vehicle. Choosing the rest is left entirely in the hands of the fisherman.

Custom Analytics

Review all the analyses that are being used in the report. We included either custom analytics created in my 10 years of trading experience or secret analyses used by institutions and professional traders.

Tandem Index

The 3 index futures share a ratio that can be calculated to determine if the markets are balanced and stable.

4 Horsemen Tracker

Use the 4 Horsemen (Oil, Dollar, Gold, & Bonds) to track institutional trading: entries, exits, allocation, and sector rotation.

Pivot Points

Use a custom Pivot Points system that merges 8 forms of analyses, providing strong and dependable levels for entry and exits.

Pre-Run Analysis

Analyzing the price action before an announcement or event can give predictive value on what the sentiment of the event will be.

Overnight Trading

Some foreign and U.S. markets are correlated. Contrast markets for predictive data on what will happen when U.S. markets open.

Premarket Analysis

Comparing closing prices with premarket price action can determine how strong momentum will be when the market opens.

Economic Indicators

Many economic events & announcements have moderate to extreme momentum that can be predicted to safely hide from the algorithms.

5 Point Volatility

Compare 5 volatility indicators based on our custom 4 Horsemen analytic. Using multiple indicators helps to reinforce validity.

Prime Correlation

The correlation between Oil and Dollar is paramount. Analyzing this relationship should be the foundation of every analysis.

Supply Chain

Every economic element has a supply chain. From it, a Star Trader can find Supply & Demand which effectively predicts the stock market.

Flow Disruptors

Production in a healthy supply chain flows with synergy. Finding disruptors that affects this flow will determine Supply & Demand.

LEADS Analysis

Analyzing market leaders along with the innovations they influence, can give predictive data on an industry or supply chain.

Group Coaching

The primary purpose of the S.T.A.R. Trader Report is to teach trading students how to analyze and trade the markets in simulation. To assist with this, all Star Traders will have access to a Whatsapp Coaching Room for 30 days to ask questions about the data in the report.



The Coaching Room will be available for 1 hour every day, from 9:30 am opens until 10:30 am. There will be 3 Coaching Rooms available for each report versions: full, complete, and extended.

Having a trading coach for an hour a day for 7 days is way more valuable than the Trading Report or the price of this report.

Time Frame

Collect trading reports through consecutive days to get a better read on how a market is progressing. Having the ability to review these reports will give you a clear outlook for trading opportunities.

Since all our analyses are leading indicators the information in the trading report is valid for several week or month, depending on the market and asset class you are trading.

For this reason, all Star Traders will have access to a Whatsapp Report Room for seven (7) days. Come back during that time and ask questions about various ways you can trade using the data and analyses within the report.

Report Analytics

Every report will have at least 10 Analyses, including:

Dozens of additional analytics are use to compile these 10.

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Student Trading Secret

Add the price of the report to your investment costs then recover what you spent from your Breakeven Point in the 3 Exit Strategy.

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