Every Monday on TikTok Live we review an extensive trading opportunity that can be traded over days, week, and months. Included with the Roadmap course and this special discount will be all of the materials and analysis given in the presentation. This includes a copy of the 2 hour video, presentation slides, notes, links, along with detailed trading instructions. The sale will continue for 24 hours beginning when the Money Monday presentation ends at 9:30am.

The Roadmap Trading Process


This trading course and training is specifically designed to guide the beginner & novice trader through a simplified process of:


No Knowledge
100 %
No Education
100 %
No Experience
100 %

Stock Market Universal Translators

There a 1000’s of indicators and analysis in the stock market. Each one is a language the stock market speaks.  Knowing a language allows you to listen when the markets tell you where profitable opportunites are. So not knowing a language equates to missed opportunities. Thankfully, the Roadmap provides three universal translators that can interpret every other analysis with ease.

Prime Correlation

This secret analytic is the strongest leading indicator in the global markets. The Dollar vs Oil correlation is the most effective way to determine what the economy, supply chain, and stock market will do.

Supply Chain

Every product and commodity has a supply chain. By analyzing the relevant supply chain you will be able to find disruptors in the production flow which will determine supply and demand.

Economic Indicators

By comparing the economy with a corresponding supply chain you can find out how the stock market will react to financial or economic decisions. The secret is to only use the ones that are leading indicators.

100% Trade Control

There are 4 elements needed to stay 100% in control of your trading. The Roadmap gives strategies for each element to make sure you are maintaining your control throughout your trading process and routine. 

Market Control

Historic Knowledge 80%
Correlation 80%
Risk Potential 80%

Trade Control

Market Rhythm 80%
Trend Levels 80%
Synchronicity 80%

Money Control

Bookkeeping 80%
Risk Management 80%
Asset Allocation 80%

Self Control

Trade Planning 80%
Trading Psychology 80%
Performance Review 80%

Trading Routine

Ever single skill we have learned, from walking, biking, or driving, was retained through routines. Since most routines have incremental stages it allow us to master skillsets faster and with better accuracy. Trading is no different. The Roadmap Course teaches our students a custom routine to attain this retention and if performed through consistency and determination,  mastery will always be achieved.


Take several days to prep for every trade and organize your entire trading process by scheduling each step of your analysis and strategies.


Analyze my custom Prime Correlation (Dollar vs Oil) against supply chains to verify data and sentiment for early positions on trades.


Use professional, proven strategies that have been customized to optimize lower risk and losses while also maximizing profits on your trades.


Carry your profits from your trading plan over to a longer investment plan or larger wealth plan to incentivize more consistent and continuous trading.

AI Implementation

Control Your Trade With ChatGPT

We Provide You Step By Step Instructions, Initial Analysis, And CheatSheets On How To Communicate With AI To Get Accurate Data Points and Data Confirmation.

Watch Our Free ChatGPT Tutorial

Student Testimonials

We have been training students in the Roadmap Strategy for nearly 2 years now. Every morning from 7:30-9:30 students can attend a Live classroom where we go over all the strategies and techniques from the course. We have trained well over a 100 students so far. Here’s what some of them had to say.

I wanted to thank you for this opportunity... so much information and well underpriced. I just completed lessons 6 and so far I'm loving it. I'm truly satisfied with the information that I'm receiving. Once again, thanks very much.

Jason Lewis
Trading Student

Aaron has provided a framework to professionalize my approach to trading in the stock market. He brings perspective, strategy, and methods to take control of as many factors that you can when dealing with the many variables of the markets.

Quintus Jones
Trading Student

This is the best way to learn day trading by allowing yourself to become empowered to do your own research by following the Cheetah Trading Road Map system. I've also applied this system and strategy and am profiting more than I have in the past.

Roi Swirczynski
Trading Student

I'm absolutely amazed at the progress I've made in such a short period of time. Aaron is thorough and meticulous with his teaching approach. This is what drew me to sign up for his various courses and to continue my education with him.

Julie Maldonado
Trading Student

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