The Roadmap Trading Process

This trading course and training is specifically designed to guide the beginner & novice trader through a simplified process of:


No Knowledge
100 %
No Education
100 %
No Experience
100 %

Simplified Trading

One Analysis

This strategy has a secret analytic called the Prime Correlation. The Dollar vs Oil correlation is the most powerful leading indicator to determine what the economy and stock market will do.

One Opportunity

Exclusively trading only economic indicators allows for strong momentum on every trade to protect from algorithms and to increase potential profitability from the trade.

One Market

Beginner and novice traders must learn to trade with minimum risk. Trading indices futures (DJIA and S&P500) removes high risk markets and behavior used by 95% of losing traders.

Trading Rules

Our trading rules and parameters are designer to keep the trader 100% in control of their trade, from start to finish.  The moment you lose control, you lose the trade.

Trading Parameters

Trade like a professional without having to know about the stock market or economics.

Despite not initially have education you will slowing gain trading knowledge through the research you will do with this trading system.

The Roadmap Trading System uses momentum trading to hide from the algorithms. This is explained in detail within the course.

The strategies used with this system allows the trader to successfully trade and profit regardless of the overall sentiment of the markets.

The opportunities used in this system are based on scheduled events and announcements, allowing the trader anywhere from 7-30 days preparation time to organize, analyze, and strategize their trade.

We took our complete Cheetah Trading System and simplified it down to one analysis (Prime Correlation), one opportunity (Economic Indicators), and one market (Futures Indices).

We have included 7 Risk and Reward strategies that will be used to layer protection from the traders risk. This will lower and sometimes remove the risk alltogether. You will even be able to breakeven on most trades.

The course notes for this webinar is a pdf that will be used as a guide and cheat sheet to learn how to trade announcements and use national and global economic correlations to verify the opportunities.

Like professional gamblers, traders will learn strategies and techniques that will separates them from those that strictly play the odds. They will use a structured trading system that provides analytics and education.

While you are learning the strategies and techniques you will be practicing with them in simulation with fake money. This allows you to gain consistency, confidence, and control over your trading without risk of loss.

As the trader learns the system to trading announcements and events, they will naturally grow in their knowledge of economics, market correlations, market behavior, global enterprise, and tradecraft.

The Roadmap Trading System is designed to evolve with the trader. As they grow in their education and experience they will gradually add or replace the analytics, opportunities, and markets that they trade.

Despite this being a trading system for beginners and novices, we have incorporated professional and expert level strategies that simply show how to minimize risk of loss while profiting from the markets.

A Minute
$ 100
A Day
$ 100
A Week
$ 100
A Month
$ 100

Bonus #1: Daily 2 Hour Coaching

With this course comes group coaching every single morning from 7:30-9:30 am EST. For 2 hours we go over all the strategies and techniques from the course as well as additional tradecraft that goes well beyond the course. There is no other place where you can find this opportunity to get $4,800 worth of coaching with your trading education.

Bonus #2: Extended Coaching

After the 30 days of coaching is complete we are allowing the students to remain in the training sessions and participate as much as they want to. This extends to nearly $5000 worth of coaching each month at no additional cost. We will also continue to work with you outside the training sessions for more instruction and direction.

We have been training students in the Roadmap Strategy for 4 months now. Every morning from 7:30-9:30 we go over all the strategies and techniques from the course. We have trained over 30 students so far. Here’s what some of them had to say.

I wanted to thank you for this opportunity... so much information and well underpriced. I just completed lessons 6 and so far I'm loving it. I'm truly satisfied with the information that I'm receiving. Once again, thanks very much.

Jason Lewis
Trading Student

Aaron has provided a framework to professionalize my approach to trading in the stock market. He brings perspective, strategy, and methods to take control of as many factors that you can when dealing with the many variables of the markets.

Quintus Jones
Trading Student

I'm absolutely amazed at the progress I've made in such a short period of time. Aaron is thorough and meticulous with his teaching approach. This is what drew me to sign up for his various courses and to continue my education with him.

Julie Maldonado
Trading Student

Order The Roadmap Strategy Course

Obviously, this course is worth $1000s in education and coaching. And it’s worth even more when you consider that the professional strategies and techniques you will learn will make you $10,000s in the future. This course is generously priced at $1000. But with our introductory price, you will only pay $500. Once we get over 100 students the price will increase.