$ 200 / mo

                                    The Psychology Room

The Psychology Room

This room will provide advice focused on mental discipline and emotional control.

Trading is 20% approach and 80% psychology. That means a disciplined mindset and focused perspective has a lot to do with how well you trade. By learning cognitive biases and distortions you will be better equipped to control your emotions and your thinking.

  • Trading Biases & Distortions
  • Trader Mindset
  • Trading Psychology Techniques
  • Trade & Risk Management
  • Weekly Postings
$ 200 / mo
The Trading Room

The Trading Room

This room will discuss techniques and strategies to help master the markets.

Many of the traders that visit my TikTok Lives are in need of a mentor that can guide them through some of the mistakes that come with being an amateur or novice trader. Having a central location for answers and advice on trading techniques and strategies is priceless.

  • Tradecraft Development
  • Trading Objectives & Goals
  • Advanced Trading Education
  • Trader Focus & Motivation
  • Daily Postings