The Blueprint Trading Course


Use a trading plan and trading journal to organize your trades and effectively develop your tradecraft


Use the stongest leading indicator, the Prime Correlation, to universally analyze anything in the global markets


Combine ChatGPT with exclusive profit and risk strategies to determine market sentiment and momentum


Use a Pro Forma spreadsheet to calculate a 3-5 year profit schedule that will create focus and trading consistency


This trading course and training is specifically designed to guide the novice & intermediate trader.  You will also learn how to incorporate ChatGPT into your research and analysis.

Stock Market Universal Translators

Prime Correlation

This secret analytic is the strongest leading indicator in the global markets. The Dollar vs Oil correlation is the most effective way to determine what the economy and stock market will do.

Crude Oil

Since the 1950's, Crude Oil is directly connected to every consumer product around the world since it is essential to transport the goods to the marketplace or import/export to other countries.

Dollar Reserve

Since 1971, the U.S. Dollar has been the Global Reserve Currency that backs every other currency around the world. The Dollar is connected to every major purchase of raw materials or consumer products.

Supply & Demand

Now that we know the importance of the Prime Correlation, we can apply it to every component of the supply chain to determine Supply and Demand. (the original analysis). We can also apply it to every major economic indicator to assess the health of the economy,

Supply Chain

Every product and commodity has a supply chain. By analyzing the relevant supply chain you will be able to find disruptors in the production flow which will determine supply and demand.

Economic Indicators

By comparing the economy with a corresponding supply chain you can find out how the stock market will react to financial or economic decisions. The secret is to only use the ones that are leading indicators.

50 Stock Market Correlations

The Blueprint Trading course has over 50 correlation cheat cards that assists you in determining the correlation of any economic indicator, commodity, and trading market. You will learn how to use ChatGPT to validate these correlations and confirm their existence in the current markets or trade.


The Blueprint Trading Course comes with a pdf workbook that has every analysis already done for you. This workbook is the Blueprint. We compare Crude Oil to every element of the supply chain. Then we take the Dollar and do the same. This provides endless metrics of how the stock market could be reacting to the plethora of economic conditions.


The secret to the Blueprint is to take the preresearched data and copy the information into ChatGPT to learn more about it and to see if that market condition currently exists.


This allows you to analyze the markets in minutes since all you’re doing is confirming the information already provided. But it also helps you learn the correlations organically. ChatGPT becomes a trading sidekick and a training mentor simultaneously.

100% Trading Control

There are 4 elements needed to stay 100% in control of your trading. The Blueprint gives strategies for each element to make sure you are maintaining your control throughout your trading process and routine. The goal is to achieve 80% success to find mastery over your trading.

Market Control

Historic Knowledge 80%
Correlation 80%
Risk Potential 80%

Trade Control

Market Rhythm 80%
Trend Levels 80%
Synchronicity 80%

Money Control

Bookkeeping 80%
Risk Management 80%
Asset Allocation 80%

Self Control

Trade Planning 80%
Trading Psychology 80%
Performance Review 80%

Trading Routine

Ever single skill we have learned, from walking, biking, or driving, was retained through routines. Since most routines have incremental stages it allow us to master skillsets faster and with better accuracy. Trading is no different.


The Blueprint Trading Course teaches our students a custom routine to attain this retention and if performed through consistency and determination,  mastery will always be achieved.


Take several days to prep for every trade and organize your entire trading process by scheduling each step of your analysis and strategies.


Analyze my custom Prime Correlation (Dollar vs Oil) against supply chains to verify data and sentiment for early positions on trades.


Use professional, proven strategies that have been customized to optimize lower risk and losses while also maximizing profits on your trades.


Carry your profits from your trading plan over to a longer investment plan or larger wealth plan to incentivize more consistent and continuous trading.

AI Implementation

Control Your Trade With ChatGPT

We Provide You Step By Step Instructions, Initial Analysis, And CheatSheets On How To Communicate With AI To Get Accurate Data Points and Data Confirmation.

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