Affiliate Program



Step #1 - Sign Up

As soon as you purchase a course or subscription you are automatically signed up for our referral program. Nonstudents are not eligible.

Step #2 - Promote

You will be given a special link to start promoting Cheetah Investors and our courses. Our team is at your service and ready to provide you with any marketing material you may need.

Step #3 - Get Paid

All credits are processed in 60 days to ensure payments from new students. Then Affiliates promptly recieve their rewards at the beginning of each month, whether its credits or cash.



Every new student is asked how they heard about our courses and education. If a student relays that they were referred by another student (the Affiliate) then we will give the appropriate Referral Credit after payment is made and it accumulates to the required payout level.


The Affiliate will receive an email notification with instructions on how to redeem their Referral Credits for the Referral Program. All Referral Credit redemption requests, whether its used for a credit toward a product or service or a cash equivalent, shall be completed within 30 days of receipt. The Affiliate does not have to redeem credits right away, but can save them up to redeem greater Referral Credit Items.


$50 Credit

For every $500 spent. The student has 1 year to purchase additional products and services. The accumulated amount will be banked for the Affiliate.


For subscriptions over $100. Every monthly payment made the Affiliate will be credited their reward. Missed payments means missed credits.


Website and WhatsApp Subscribers will get a bonus on the credits they accumulate. Instead of getting the normal 1:1 ratio, Subscribers will get 1:1.5 ratio. This means that for every $50 commission, Subscribers will get $75. Or for every $20 commission Subscribers will get $30. This will give a better discount when credits are spent. However, if the credits are cashed in the Subscriber will only get the original value of the reward.