Are You A 99%er?

From The Majority Of Traders and Investors

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1% Traders Trade Professionally.

Learn To Be A One%er​ By:

We offer a 5 part Masterclass on How To Be A 1% Trader. Every webinar in this series is mandatory.
Before you start the Masterclass you have to take the Introductory course. As long as we have an attendence of at least 10 people this will be a Live event.
Learn secrets of the stock market that will change the way you view the markets and trade. This is EXCLUSIVE education you will not learn anywhere else. There’s a money back guaranteed if you can.

(As long as we have an attendence of at least 10 people this will be a Live event.)

After you learn the essentials you are ready for the first course in the Masterclass. There are 7 managements that the institutions and professional use to be Five%ers. You will learn this to put you on a level playing field with them.
After you’ve learned the 7 Powers, you are ready to learn the basics of analysis.
After you learn the basics you are ready to learn over 50 forms of analysis. This will allow you to translate the stock market and 50x your changes of finding profitable opportunities.
The final course in the series is a consideration of stock trading wisdom. We will go over trading psychology and advice from trading and investing professionals.
Purchase any of the outline notes used for our Masterclass courses. There is plenty of valuable information that you will find within these documents. 
After you learn the basics we advise you to get a SUBSCRIPTION so you can get detailed education on how to do technical and statistical analysis. Review all the subscriptions and see which one fits your budget and education goals
With a $2T market loss in the crypto space their is a desperate need for a guide that can teach anyone how to invest properly with any crypto asset.  Learn the professional way to navigate around the 92% of frauds and scams and never get hit by another FTX collapse.
If you are an active trader and want to fine tune your tradecraft, consider booking a coaching session with me. We can work together to find the problems in your asset allocation, trading strategies, and trade psychology.
Contact me directly if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.
If you appreciate the free education I give in my Tiktok Lives, I’m always accepting donations for my Starbucks fund.